Director's blog

Spring has come 2023

武本 重毅

Right now

we are in a state of total darkness and confusion,

not knowing which way to go.

Today we have visited the vernal equinox.

The long winter ends and spring begins.

This season marks the beginning of a new year

in the celestial cycle.

Since the beginning of the year,

I still haven’t been able to get over the new flow.

Somehow, the blur continued.

The time has come for us

to open the doors of the new season.

Even a small,

fleeting light like a candle flame can give us the courage

to take one step at a time

as long as it shines a little ahead of us.

Even if it is far away,

the light from the lighthouse will guide you

through the chaos and darkness before you

and show you where to go.

Even if I’m still fumbling around in the darkness,

relying on the slightest amount of light,

with a feeling of uneasiness,

the door to a new season

filled with bright and warm sunlight

will soon open.

At the beginning of a brand new season,

we consciously take small actions in search of change.

Let’s continue without giving up

until the signs of change appear in the real world.


武本 重毅