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Our YouTube #8 (#7e) NMN will make a big break in 2023

武本 重毅


At our clinic,

myself and the clinic staff have put out 7 JURAKU Internal Medicine Clinic YouTube videos so far,

sparing no time to sleep after returning home from clinical work.

In order to keep up with the internationalization of Kumamoto,

which is expected to develop in the near future,

we will continue to create works

that are easy for foreigners to understand, such as by adding English subtitles.



NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide),

whose results have been reported in animal experiments,

has recently been reported in clinical trials on humans.

(Written in the director’s diary from April 9th to 12th and 14th to 17th, 2023)



In this YouTube video,

I focused on a paper from the University of Tokyo Hospital.

(Director’s diary on April 11 and 12, 2023)


When healthy elderly men were given 250 mg of NMN orally for 12 weeks,

their walking speed and their grip strength were improved.

And in some cases, a tendency toward improvement in hearing was also observed.


From this,

it is expected that it will be possible to prevent sarcopenia (muscle weakness)

and delay the progression of cognitive impairment

in the Japanese population, which has become a super-aged society.


In addition,

we are introducing the topic that

a family patient of our clinic mixed NMN, which she is taking herself, with the diet of her elderly dog,

and it instantly became healthy.


Animals and humans have too different “Life Spans”,

and it seems that more time is needed to prove that

NMN can rejuvenate humans and extend human lifespan.




武本 重毅