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100th birthday of the oldest patient attending our clinic

武本 重毅

One of my most caring patients.

She has been coming to our clinic for over three years now and today is her 100th birthday.


The reason is that my mother was born in the same year as her.


Moreover, her family moved to Korea, which was occupied by the Empire of Japan at the time,

she was born there, received an education at a girls’ school there,

and managed to return home in Japan on a ship pulled up at the end of the war.

Because she was going through the same situation as my mother.

My mother, who was also the eldest daughter,

had a strong core and was quite a studious person

because my grandfather, who was also a doctor, had a practice there.


This patient is also a talented woman

who worked for a long time at the Kumamoto City Library and was in charge of old history books in Japan.


When she visits our clinic,

she talks not only about Korea at that time, but also about the world situation in the past and present,

which piques my interest.

My sleeping blood has awakened and I look forward to seeing her each time and treating her.

I feel like I am taking care of my mother.

I want her to stay healthy forever.

100-year-old, 85-year-old, soon to be 63-year-old monsters


武本 重毅