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What we at Juraku Internal Medicine Clinic should be aware of even after the COVID-19 pandemic

武本 重毅

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the lives of people around the world. Below are some of the major changes.

1. Social distancing: COVID-19 has demonstrated the need to maintain social distancing to reduce infection rates. This meant people working from home, canceling events and gatherings, avoiding unnecessary travel, and more.

Our clinic has originally adopted a complete reservation system, and we have been working to protect privacy so that patients do not meet each other in the clinic. Furthermore, in order to prevent the dissemination of viral infections, due to the characteristics of our clinic, which operates in a single room in an apartment building for the elderly, we asked patients with fevers to be treated outdoors (in their own cars).


2. Learning and working online: COVID-19 has made learning and working face-to-face in schools and workplaces difficult. As a result, many people have adopted online learning and remote work.

I myself also limited my movement to between work and home as much as possible to reduce the chances of getting infected. Participation in conferences and lectures at nursing school are now conducted online, and I also participate in the general web meeting of the academic society to which I belong. It saves me time, money, and stress.


3. Healthcare Changes: COVID-19 has transformed healthcare. Healthcare workers have had to implement new protocols, including the use of personal protective equipment, patient screening, and limiting face-to-face contact with patients.

As I mentioned above, the more patients we have at our clinic, the greater the risk of infection. For this reason, we have set up a reservation frame so that each patient will not even meet as much as possible. Furthermore, in order to reduce the chances of infection and the time and stress of patients who have to receive medicines in different places with many people with our prescriptions, we do our best. We took the form of an in-hospital prescription and made it possible for us to complete everything at our clinic.

And above all, the staff working at the clinic are also at risk of becoming a source of infection, so we have minimized the number of staff and restricted their lives so that they go back and forth between work and home.


4. Travel Restrictions: COVID-19 has also significantly impacted international and domestic travel. Many countries have introduced restrictions on foreign travel, and domestic travel has also been temporarily restricted.

As I mentioned above, there is a risk of being infected while traveling and becoming a source of infection, so we, the staff working at the clinic, voluntarily prohibit all travel.


5. Popularization of masks: COVID-19 has reaffirmed the need for masks. Many countries now recommend wearing masks in public, and many people are now wearing masks.

As long as we work at our clinic, it is only natural that we wear it, and we ask patients who visit our clinic to wear it as well.


6. Shopping online: COVID-19 has increased the demand for online shopping. Many people have turned to ordering groceries and household items online to avoid unnecessary trips.

After all, if I myself become infected, the operation of the clinic and everyone who is my family patient will be in trouble.

I myself was a resident of Platinum Mansion Juraku even before I started working at the clinic, so I use the concierge to receive packages and send mail so that I do not come into direct contact with outsiders. At the clinic, the staff will take care of everything.

These are some of the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to human life, and to our Juraku Internal Medicine Clinic.


武本 重毅