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BA4-5 vaccine against COVID-19 started at JURAKU Internal Medicine Clinic the day before yesterday

武本 重毅

According to recent information, the number of infected people (deaths) in Western countries seems to be in a steady state, not decreasing, but not increasing.

On the other hand, in the case of Japan, the number of deaths in the previous 8th wave was the highest ever, which means that the number of infected people (deaths) has been amplified, and the impact of the 9th wave has become a concern.


In addition, according to the contents announced at the general meeting of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, 90% of the infected people were able to avoid becoming seriously ill due to vaccination in Japan. It means that the number of deaths has decreased by one rank due to the use of viral agents.


In Japan’s super-aging society, it is people aged 70 and over who die.

Therefore, the elderly and those working in the surrounding environment must continue to take preventive measures as before, and it seems that vaccination is necessary.


By the way, several people who came to our hospital for vaccination asked,

“Did the director change from the previous doctor?”

No, the director has changed (rejuvenated)

with the three arrows of anti-aging that we are working on at our clinic.


武本 重毅