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I tried human-derived mesenchymal adipose stem cell culture supernatant (exosome) therapy

武本 重毅

I have to experience it myself and be able to deal with it if there is a problem,

so this year I received NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) drip infusion therapy

followed by human-derived mesenchymal adipose stem cell culture supernatant (exosome) therapy

three times. 

I named it “Anti-Aging Drip Double Therapy“.


During the first treatment,

I had hot flashes from the inside of my chest and abdomen,

muscle pain in my arms, shoulders and neck on the side of the drip,

and a feeling of fullness in my abdomen that night.


The next morning I had a lot of defecation and felt refreshed.


Two days after the infusion,

my blood pressure (especially systolic blood pressure) suddenly normalized.


And when my skin softens and I touch my cheeks,

it’s like school days long ago.

It seems that the appearance of 60 years ago has returned. 


What I also noticed was the pleasant defecation every morning.

I’m really surprised that I was so refreshed every day.

At the same time,

upper gastrointestinal symptoms such as heavy stomach and heartburn disappeared.


Other than that,

my hair is stiffer,

my eyebrows are thicker,

and my nails are harder and grow faster.


From the above,

it seems that at least the effect is seen in

the cardiovascular system,

brain nervous system,


digestive tract,


hair growth.


武本 重毅