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Looking Back on 2022: The First Year of Anti-Aging Treatment

武本 重毅

The anti-aging treatment that we have been working on at our clinic has gradually been recognized by everyone.


At JURAKU Internal Medicine Clinic, we started offering NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) supplements from September 2021.

In addition, NMN infusion therapy started in April 2022, hydrogen gas inhalation therapy started in June of the same year, and human mesenchymal stem cell culture supernatant (exosome) infusion started this year (January 2023). All of our treatments and services are available to you.

The new coronavirus infection has breathed a new wind into our clinic.

That is “anti-aging treatment“.

It is natural for people to die when they reach the average life expectancy. . . .

Until now, everyone believed that. Yes, we had convinced that.


Research results that overturn this fact have been announced one after another.

As people age, the genes and protein-repairing surtuins that were originally working stop working, leading to adult diseases such as dementia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, obesity, osteoporosis, and cancer. and lifestyle-related diseases (diseases that were thought to be) develop.

The material (things like) necessary for sirtuins to work was lacking, and aging was progressing.

In other words, if you supplement what you lack, you can prevent your body’s cells and tissues from aging.

Aging can be prevented!”


In order to meet such expectations, our clinic offers “anti-aging 3 arrows” to everyone.



The first of the three anti-aging arrows, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), compensates for the age-related decrease in NAD+ (nicotinamide dinucleotide) and restores the function of sirtuins, the longevity gene products, to promote cell growth. Repair damage and restore mitochondrial function.

Rejuvenate from the inside out.

Again, ingested NMN is converted to NAD+ in the body, which fuels sirtuins

and prevent aging.

At our JURAKU Internal Medicine Clinic, patients actually experience the research results described in the papers.

All the elderly people I treat are getting healthier.

This is amazing.

Above all, I myself am very happy to be involved in anti-aging treatment.

Older people taking NMN and undergoing anti-aging treatments can change their futures.


The second of the “three arrows of anti-aging

Human mesenchymal stem cell culture supernatant (exosomes) infusion therapy aims to prevent aging and improve aging-related decline.

As one way to achieve these goals, the culture supernatant (excluding cells) obtained by culturing human-derived mesenchymal stem cells is administered.

The stem cell culture supernatant used in our clinic is obtained by culturing human-derived mesenchymal stem cells (those whose safety has been confirmed by testing for infectious diseases).

It contains abundant cytokines (growth factors) and exosomes (a type of extracellular endoplasmic reticulum), which have recently been attracting attention.

Expected effects include effects on cranial nerves/neurodegeneration, cardiovascular/respiratory/digestive system, metabolism/immunity, malignant tumors, etc. in accordance with stem cell therapy due to the action of cytokines and exosomes contained in the stem cell culture supernatant. There are extensive reports.


And the third arrow is hydrogen gas inhalation therapy.

Our cells contain hundreds to thousands of mitochondria that produce energy from oxygen.

We live by using this energy.

However, at the same time, harmful substances called reactive oxygen species are produced, and excessive production of reactive oxygen species damages genes and proteins, and damages the mitochondria themselves.

This is also the cause of cell aging and carcinogenesis.

Inhaled hydrogen is taken up from the lungs, spreads throughout the cells of the body, and binds to reactive oxygen species to detoxify them.

Our body is said to consist of about 50 trillion cells, and within those cells there is an organ called “mitochondrion” called “energy factory”.

A state in which mitochondria are working normally is a state in which cells have energy, in other words, a “healthy state.”

On the other hand, mitochondria generate “reactive oxygen species” as a by-product when they produce energy.

Reactive oxygen includes good reactive oxygen and bad reactive oxygen, and bad reactive oxygen has the troublesome effect of oxidizing cells, that is, causing them to rust.

As long as there is life, as long as mitochondria live, bad reactive oxygen will continue to occur.

Furthermore, as we age, our antioxidant capacity to fight off bad substances decreases.

In addition, the stress of modern society, lifestyle habits, and the environment (alcohol, tobacco, air pollution, chemical substances, etc.) also significantly increase bad reactive oxygen.

As a result, cells are severely oxidized, weakening the immune system.

In this way, bad reactive oxygen causes aging and various disorders, symptoms, and diseases.

Poor physical condition and many diseases are said to be caused by bad reactive oxygen.

Hydrogen works there.

Hydrogen (element symbol: H)” is the lightest substance among all substances, and because it is colorless, transparent, tasteless, and odorless, and is a very small molecule, it reaches all over the body, including the brain and cells.

When hydrogen is taken into the body, it becomes “ion” and works on mitochondria, activating cells and increasing antioxidant and immunity. At the same time, hydrogen selects only bad reactive oxygen and combines it to become water and remove it.


武本 重毅